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The Need to Provide

I am the squirrel named Scruffy
That’s what they call me anyway
I live on Amity mountain
There are many of us that live here
It’s a beautiful scene as you can imagine
But the beautiful scenery doesn’t take away my misery

I feel the strain of providing for my family
The kittens have arrived
My role now is to provide
I go out and garner
I don’t feel like it today
Or in fact any other day

The beady eyes look down on me from the skies above
I’m looking for seeds, fruits and nuts
They are looking for me
I am paranoid
I am scared
Its autumn you see
I need to forage ready for winter

There are others out doing the same
We all compete for the grain
I’m never thanked for my endless tasks
After all I’m a rodent
But better than a rat
My kittens look at me with pride and joy
Seeking guidance into the wild
For a chance to survive
At this point I should be proud
If only my mind would allow it
Instead of the grey looming cloud
I will survive the wild
My strength will see me through
What else is there to do?

My Best Friend

My best friend’s parents
Are not the usual conventional couple
Lee calls them both Mum

I have a mum and a dad
Other children make my friend feel sad
The other children don’t understand
That parents can be two mums, or two dads
Their parents tell their children
‘It isn’t right, how on earth did they conceive?’
This isn’t what my best friend’s family want to hear
Why are people so nieve?

My parents aren’t like the rest
They accept them for who they are
And that is two people in love, just like mine are
There’s no divide

Our parents go out together and wine and dine
They come home full of laughter, full of joy
On occasions, theres been sly comments
About the two ladies that hold hands and kiss
Treated like Prometheus
This is the generation that were told of the birds and the bees and Adam and Eve
So that’s what they believe
What comes out the branches comes flooding through the trees
Sex education of the 21st century is what they need
Not telling their children ‘it isn’t right, those gays’
Children are wiser, but when their parents plant their seed the new generation find it hard to see that parents can be of the same gender.
These people are confused.
They intrude on other people’s personal life
They are the ones that are deluded
For Lee’s family should be included
They are just like everyone else
All they do is cause trouble and strife
Polluting their children with their lies

Because I am a girl and my best friend is a boy
Girlfriend and boyfriend, that’s all they say
Mocking and teasing us, every day
If you are not her boyfriend, you must be gay?
Gay like your mother, that what they say
He doesn’t let it bother him, unlike me
So, I first thought

Then came the call from his mum
‘You’ll never guess what Lee has gone and done?
We are at the hospital
Don’t worry, he is ok
He’s been cutting his arm with what I think is a knife
The blood was everywhere
He’d cut far too deep
But don’t worry he is safe and fast asleep’
I started to weep
My best friend’s misery has cut to deep
Why couldn’t he talk to me?
Every morning when we walk up the street

Motherhood #poetry #poem

Life is precious
People having little understanding of the pressure pregnancy brings
Being the carrier, provider, bearer, deliverer
That’s just for starters

Then comes the main
Feeding, cleaning, showing life’s meaning
Keeping their hearts gleaming
Loving every moment
Then you get tired, irritable and stressed
The best you can do is put on the act
Feelings of elation can quickly turn to deflation
Life changes, the house needs rearranging
Valuables and heavies moved out the way
They can be put back one day
As tired as one can be, then they look at you
Heart melting, this isn’t pretending
Awake at night, scared they are out of sight
Are they breathing? Are they alright?
Then you hear the babble, the cry
Of course, they are all right

For dessert is this pudding
The one you adore, love and cherish
Watch them explore, grow and express who they really are
They become individual, original and vocal
Mum, can you wipe my bum?
Mum, but why?
Mum, how do you know everything?
These questions come to try you
But you know you would never change a thing
You become friends, share laughter, secrets and tears
Your bond is fixed, even when unexpected things are thrown in to the mix

The process starts again
Your daughter
Your friend
Is about to take her journey of motherhood
This time you are there to support, advise and share your wisely ways of your very own nursing days