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Dear Jono #poetry #poem

You brought me nothing but sorrow

The day the police arrested you

Was the day I thought I was finally free!

But I did not foresee the nightmares and flashbacks that you left with me

Eight years later and I’m still not free

Even though you may have gone

You are an unwanted quest

In my mind that still can’t rest

I don’t feel anger or shame

But I must admit you are to blame

Actually NO

That’s lame

It’s just that life will never be the same

Nightmare! #poetry #poem

My life was once a mess

I realised this was a test

One day I awoke

This is a serious joke!

Something must be done

I was done with this one

At last I knew I deserved better

This wasn’t how it’s meant to be!

I was treated like shite

Why would this be right?

I was low in confidence

My head is going to blow

I craved alcohol and coke

This was my way

It wasn’t the way

but it did help me on my way

The nightmares of abuse are so intrusive

The day after makes me feel illusive

Years on I found and loved myself

This was when of course I found this man

Who took me as I am

No pretend

I am most definitely on the mend

I’m not quite there

But in time

With this man of mine

Sometimes I am sad

But bear in mind

The life I once had

This man is so kind

It’s hard when I see my life in rewind

It’s hard to see his faith in me

but we both agree it’s meant to be

Time and therapy are a great healer

I need sleep #poem #poetry

I can’t sleep at night
Thinking what is right
He lies next to me in bed
Not realising my head is a shed
His lies have destroyed us
But I don’t like to make a fuss

He’s all loving and more
I just want him out the door
He said I could message her
As he was telling the truth
I got drunk one night and did just that
I wish I never did
But it did confirm
That he was full of shit
I cant forgive him
Although I tried
I honestly have no more tears to cry

Our appointment with the Counsellor seemed so far away
Will I be able to let him stay?

I’m not sure what I want anymore
This man I once adored
Has made me feel insecure and unsure

Motherhood #poetry #poem

Life is precious
People having little understanding of the pressure pregnancy brings
Being the carrier, provider, bearer, deliverer
That’s just for starters

Then comes the main
Feeding, cleaning, showing life’s meaning
Keeping their hearts gleaming
Loving every moment
Then you get tired, irritable and stressed
The best you can do is put on the act
Feelings of elation can quickly turn to deflation
Life changes, the house needs rearranging
Valuables and heavies moved out the way
They can be put back one day
As tired as one can be, then they look at you
Heart melting, this isn’t pretending
Awake at night, scared they are out of sight
Are they breathing? Are they alright?
Then you hear the babble, the cry
Of course, they are all right

For dessert is this pudding
The one you adore, love and cherish
Watch them explore, grow and express who they really are
They become individual, original and vocal
Mum, can you wipe my bum?
Mum, but why?
Mum, how do you know everything?
These questions come to try you
But you know you would never change a thing
You become friends, share laughter, secrets and tears
Your bond is fixed, even when unexpected things are thrown in to the mix

The process starts again
Your daughter
Your friend
Is about to take her journey of motherhood
This time you are there to support, advise and share your wisely ways of your very own nursing days

The Story of the Story Teller #poetry #poem

Drumming on the floor
What isn’t there to adore
It left me wanting more

His beautiful blue eyes
And ginger hair
Makes me want to stare

He sings his songs
Quirky and wise
I love it whis his eye brows rise

Can’t stop thinking of Mr Brown
He makes me feel like I’m wearing a crown

We are in Acton Park
It’s getting dark
We find a tree
So nobody can see

He blows my mind and I honestly think
I could not of met anybody so kind

I already adore and love this man
How can I ask for anymore

If love exists
It’s most definitely this
He can’t always be a pessimist

He shakes
I nod
No words
To be said
This love is just felt
He makes my heart melt

No mushy peas?
Made me weak at the knees

It feels like he read the book
Of my wants and needs

When I look in to his eyes
There is no disguise
What I feel for him is real
But he really does need a good meal