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Dear Jono #poetry #poem

You brought me nothing but sorrow

The day the police arrested you

Was the day I thought I was finally free!

But I did not foresee the nightmares and flashbacks that you left with me

Eight years later and I’m still not free

Even though you may have gone

You are an unwanted quest

In my mind that still can’t rest

I don’t feel anger or shame

But I must admit you are to blame

Actually NO

That’s lame

It’s just that life will never be the same

I need sleep #poem #poetry

I can’t sleep at night
Thinking what is right
He lies next to me in bed
Not realising my head is a shed
His lies have destroyed us
But I don’t like to make a fuss

He’s all loving and more
I just want him out the door
He said I could message her
As he was telling the truth
I got drunk one night and did just that
I wish I never did
But it did confirm
That he was full of shit
I cant forgive him
Although I tried
I honestly have no more tears to cry

Our appointment with the Counsellor seemed so far away
Will I be able to let him stay?

I’m not sure what I want anymore
This man I once adored
Has made me feel insecure and unsure