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Another Full Moon #poetry #poem

Another full moon
Is it me being a loon?
This time I’m not drinking
Nothing to help drown out this over thinking
My head and heart are pounding
Only feeling safe in the familiar surroundings
I want to be able to go out without the panic
The thought of the cinema or meeting a friend
Makes me feel manic
I know the cycle will repeat
I can keeping stepping out on the street
One step at a time
I don’t want to be left behind

The Full Moon Effect #Poetry #poem #Fullmoon

The full moon is near
It makes my body and mind feel queer
I feel manic with panic
No understanding why
It makes me want to cry

I feel crazy
I feel dangerous
I feel horny and most definitely not wise
I think I really should NOT open the wine

The wine is open
One glass will do
I can’t stop drinking, my mind is over thinking

Then come the words of anger and despair
Thoughts that are always there

With the bravery of the moon and the wine
I talk the truth instead of deny